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Präsident des BundeskartellamtesThe International Conference on Competition has been organised by the Bundeskartellamt every other year since the early 1980s.

The conference is one of the most internationally renowned events dealing with competition law issues. On its occasion, the heads of competition authorities, antitrust lawyers, academics, politicians, prominent representatives of internationally active companies and other high-ranking participants discuss current and internationally relevant issues of competition policy and competition law.

The 15th International Conference on Competition will take place in Berlin from 13 - 15 April 2011. Its general theme will be:

"A Spotlight on Cartel Prosecution".

Over the last few years the prosecution of illegal cartel agreements has increasingly become a key focus of the activities of competition authorities not only in Germany, but also in Europe and beyond.

The keynote speeches at the opening of the conference will be followed by four panel discussions in which specific aspects of anti-cartel enforcement will be discussed in more detail.

The first panel discussion will take a close look at intensified cartel prosecution as practised by the competition authorities over the last few years, seen from the perspective of companies, authorities and academics. The discussion will include, among other issues, types and levels of sanctions. Another topic will be the tangible effects of cartel proceedings on companies.

The second roundtable will deal specifically with issues arising from the fact that more and more jurisdictions around the world have introduced instruments for the prosecution of cartel agreements. To what extent is this likely to create points of friction in the prosecution of individual cartels, and what is the necessity and scope for cooperation between competition authorities or even convergence between legal systems?

The third panel discussion will address an issue which is not limited to anti-cartel enforcement but is of particular significance in this area: What is the level of proof that courts demand of economic arguments presented to them, for example with regard to assessing the economic damage caused by cartel agreements?

The fourth panel will deal with the evaluation of agency activities: What are the effects of intervention by competition authorities, not only on competition itself, but also on the economy as a whole, and how can competition authorities communicate the significance and effects of their actions appropriately and convincingly?

A detailed conference programme is available here.

The working languages of the conference will be German and English.

Between 1982 and 2001, the Bundeskartellamt staged its International Conference on Competition in Berlin, the former seat of the authority. Ten years after it was last held in Berlin, the conference will return in 2011 to its original venue. The German capital, one of Europe's metropolises, will impress you with its wealth of culture.

I am looking forward to some interesting contributions and stimulating discussions with you at the 15th International Conference on Competition in Berlin!

Yours sincerely,

Andreas Mundt
President of the Bundeskartellamt

Attendance at the conference is by personal invitation of the President of the Bundeskartellamt only.

©Bundeskartellamt 2011